Monday, September 05, 2011

Happy New Year!

i love September.  to me, September is always the beginning of the year.
as a kid, i loved the whole going back to school thing. 
new clothes, new books, new binders, new pencil crayons.
old friends i hadn't seen all summer.
new friends i was about to make.

when my children were old enough for school, i enjoyed September even more!
after all the shopping for clothes, and shoes, and backpacks, and supplies. after all the arguments about being old enough to walk by themselves, or ride their bikes, about staying for lunch or coming home, i still loved September.

a tradition started many years ago by a friend of mine and myself.  once the kids were deposited, and the goodbyes said,  we would hit the closest Tim Hortons, and sit, drinking coffee, and enjoying the quiet!  5 kids, all in school.  ahhh, the quiet!  then we would take a stroll through the mall, browsing at "grown up" stuff like kitchen gadgets, and handbags, shoes, and even maybe a quick stop at the travel agency, to pick out our dream trip.  then we would go to East Side Marios for lunch! 

tomorrow my grandson is going to school.  Senior Kingergarten.
he is not happy.  he says he would rather just play all day.
i can't really say that i blame him.  he is just 5, after all.

i will go with my daughter to drop him off.  we will say "goodbye" and hit Tim Hortons for a coffee.  then we will go to the mall and browse the shops.  perhaps grab a travel book to pick out our dream trip.  then we will go to East Side Marios for lunch.  we will, however, have the little miss with us.  it may not be as quiet as it once was, but the tradition will continue!

Happy New Year!

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