Friday, September 09, 2011

a slice of heaven

for many years i skipped breakfast.  i know, i know, it's the most important meal of the day.
it seemed that when i was on MDI's and being a scared diabetic (more on that later), my fasting blood sugars were always high, so i would bolus and then skip the eating part.

nowadays i eat breakfast each and every morning.  some days it's poached eggs on toast, or perhaps an english muffin, toasted with cheese whiz or cream cheese (my favourite is herb and garlic!).  i have even tried steel cut oats (yuck!).

my aim is to keep my post prandial BG's fairly normal and within range.  most days i fail.  not sure if it is the carb count on the package of english muffins, or if it's just how my body reacts to these foods.

my grandkids love pancakes.  i was never a big fan of pancakes.  i mean i like them well enough but i always considered them a messy undertaking.  about the only time i made them was on Pancake Tuesday.

not so anymore.  i make them almost daily now.  my grandkids would eat them everyday,  and by BG's love them too!  for some unknown reason, they seem to be the one breakfast food i can count on to deliver within-range BG's.

i don't put syrup on them.  not even the "sugar-free" kind.  i eat them with peanut butter.  they are delicious!!

mmmmm...a slice of heaven!

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  1. aw man! I just ate lunch but now I'm hungry again looking at those pancakes!! yummy!!