Tuesday, July 17, 2012

some things i've learned

yesterday was the blood sugar day from hell. 

started with a 16.9 at 7:47am and never went below 8.3 all day.  i just figured it was a combination of eating a lot of carb filled foods,  the heat and perhaps stress.  the day was normal.  grandkiddies during the day, some swimming, and then work till 10pm.

last night when i came home from work i did what i normally do.  i prepared myself a little snack, tested (10.1mmol) and bolused for it, and set a temp basal +30 as i normally do for my tortilla and salsa filled munch.

i went to bed at around 12:40 (after falling asleep on the couch first!), but i neglected to re-test.  it was all downhill from there.

woke up at 2:36.  eyes dry and sand-filled.  had to pee sooo bad! i rarely wake up in the middle of the night to pee so i grabbed my meter and headed to the bathroom.  pee, flush, wash, test.

28.9 mmol!!!!!

WTF!!!!  did a correction bolus, increased temp basal and went back to bed.

my neighbours were having a party, singing and playing guitars.  it took a little while to fall back to sleep.  the heat was oppressive despite the fan blowing almost directly at me.  

woke up again at 4:21.  had to pee AGAIN!!  this never happens!  what was going on??  grabbed meter again and off i go to the bathroom.  repeat .  

31.2 mmol!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!! i haven't seen a number like that in i don't know how long!  this was unreal!  

downstairs i go.  my eyes are drying up.  they now feel like pebbles in my head.   find eye drops and insert.  get out the  big box that holds my supplies, all while listening to some really old country songs being played and sung at the top of his lungs by the drunk guy next door, while his friend was making, what to me smelled like burnt grilled cheese sandwiches.

after ripping out the old set and removing the cartridge, i started all over with fresh insulin, new cartridge, a new set and  tubing.  test again.  do correction bolus like my Ping suggests.  up the temp basal AGAIN, this time by +80.   back to bed once again.

time: 7:31  BG result: 21.0   on the way down.  more correction insulin.  i swear if i had a needle i would have just injected but unfortunately i didn't have one.  note to self ~ buy a pack of syringes today!

now at 9:15am we (me and pump) are back down to 14.9.   another small correction (0.70u) and with any luck i will be back in range shortly.

some things i've learned in the last 24 hours.  
  1. what goes up must come down, but it takes for-freaking-ever!!
  2. with 6mm steel cannulas, you should change them every 2 days like suggested (i put the last one in on saturday morning and was planning to change it today, but obviously should have done it yesterday when things started heading south)
  3. old country music is never a good thing, but especially at 4:30 in the morning!
i'm hoping i don't crash at some point today, but i'm ready for it.  i just hope this decline continues so that i can eat a little something soon.  i'm starting to feel a little peckish!!

have a good day all!



  1. Oh Kim, that's horrible!! Do you have to check for ketones when it's that high? I'm glad things are creeping back to normal and I'm sorry that you had such a bad night.

    1. thanks kate, and yes i should have checked for ketones but i didn't (wasn't really thinking). things are back to normal now, thank goodness!

  2. What a terrible, rotten night!
    Hope it's better by now.

    1. thanks colleen, it was kinda rotten, but things are back to normal now. i did drop just like i knew i would, but took care of that no problem!

  3. That's the good and bad thing I have seen with the steel needle sets. When they work they work so well. But when they are done, they are DONE!

    1. you're so right sara. lesson learned!!

  4. Silly, stupid, rotten day! HUGS!

    1. thanks kelly! woke up this morning with a 5.1 so i'm a happy diabetic haha!

  5. Ugh, days like that are terrible. And it always takes me forever to finally decide to change my site and insulin. I'm glad that did the trick for you though, and I hope things are running much more smoothly now.

    1. thanks karen, my numbers have been awesome since, but i'm happy to know i'm not the only one that it takes forever to finally decide to make the change. i keep hoping that it will turn around on it's own! when will i learn LOL!!