Sunday, July 22, 2012

A question posed

 there is a "question of the day" posted on glu, a newer(ish?) community for
diabetics and their families/caregivers.  each day a different question is posted and members can choose to answer.  there is a graph of the answers.   it is quite interesting.

there was a question posed the other day that i missed (stupid work!).   when i noticed it this morning it was too late to include my answer in the total, so i decided to answer it here. this was the question:

If an FDA approved vaccine was discovered that prevented Type 1 diabetes, would you vaccinate your children?

it really only took a second for my brain to scream 'YEEEESSSS!!'   

having 3 grown children, and worrying constantly if i had passed this on to them, i would have done it.

i realize that now, that would be up to them to decide,  but also having 2 young grandchildren, i still scream 'YEEEESSSS!'

we've all heard that diabetes skips a generation.  i'm not sure if i believe that or not, but if i thought that poking them once would save them from a lifetime of pokes, i would do it in a heartbeat.  no hesitation.  even if they had to have it every year, like the flu shot, no question.


when i asked my husband the same question, he, being a non-PWD hesitated.  

"well i would want to wait out the first 5 or so years of the vaccine to make sure that it worked."

not sure i agree.  if you gave them the vaccine, and they never developed diabetes, was it because of the vaccine, or was it just because they weren't destined to get it in the first place?  and if you gave them the vaccine and they developed it anyway, was it because the vaccine didn't work, or was it because the disease was already attacking their bodies when the vaccine was administered?

what do you think?  would you vaccinate?  i'm interested to know what you think.  please leave your comments, and i will write a post with the results later in the week.  

p.s.    i was able to go back on the glu site, answer the question and see the breakdown of answers ......of 148 respondants  116 said yes, 6 said no, and 26 said they weren't sure.   



  1. I'd be all over that! Type 1 runs in my first husband's family so I was always concerned that my kids would get it. They didn't...but now I have 4 grandsons to "worry" about. Yes to the enth degree!! (PS: you really should watch Wall-E with your grandkids. It's a wonderful, feel-good movie)

  2. I'd do it. 100%. I don't see why not. Even if it didn't work, or only worked for a percentage of people, what would it hurt to try it?