Friday, July 13, 2012

being stuck

about 6 weeks ago, i wrote about trying out some new inserts.

for the last year i have been using the Contact Detach insert which i order directly from Animas.  they are the 9mm cannula, and i had begun to notice that i was not getting the best results BG-wise with them.  also they have 2, yes 2 things to stick to you.  now i don't use a CGM (yet) but i started thinking about how that would be having 3 things stuck to me.  my brain is saying  "well what's the big deal?" but my heart is saying "oh, that's not a good look for you".  

it took me about 3 or 4 years to get my head around the whole "being attached 24/7" to a robot part.  now don't get me wrong, i'm glad i made the jump to pumping and believe me, i have conversations with myself (not out loud) about how i can't believe i waited so long and was soooo stubborn about moving to a pump! it really was the smartest thing i've done for myself in forever.  in fact, when asked if i would ever go back to pens, the answer was a loud NOOOO!!!

however,  i'm going to say that it does take some getting used to (as all you pumpers out there know), and there are little tricks that you learn as you go along.  i also have a great support team at my Diabetes Education Clinic. i can call them, or email them, and they will walk me through whatever i decide i need to do. they are super!  but when my sugars seemed to be creeping up and even doing corrections and changing basals and all that jazz didn't seem to help that much, i decided to try using a 6mm cannula instead.

the ones i tried included the 6mm orbit, the 6mm cleo, which both allow for 360 degree direction,(which i kind of like) and the 6mm Rapid D.
i also tried the Inset II but i find them bulky.  not just the set itself but the whole spaceship it comes in.  

i finally settled on the Rapid D.  it's my new favourite because it is very flat,  it uses a 6mm steel cannula, it is a manual insert and it doesn't hurt at all!! i have not had the greatest luck with the teflon, they seem to get all crinkly in me!  only one part is stuck to me and it really is almost invisible under clothes!  even a bathing suit! (a story for another day!).
so it doesn't swivel 360',  but i'm ok with that!  it's small, flat, has only one part to stick to you and sticks really well.   

but the thing that i like the most, is that with a 6mm cannula, (and i'm sure this would be true with other 6mm's) i am getting much better absorption and therefore much better BG results!

my most recent A1c was 7.1 (just 2 wks ago), so perhaps with the new sets, and better absorption my next one will be under 7!!! 



  1. Hmm... i'm interested now!
    I heard someone say that anything manual insertion is best but really once it's in, it's IN right? so what difference does it make?
    I use animas and medtronic sets in my pump so you've made me curious!

    1. hi scully,

      my pump is an Animas but the Rapid D set is made for Accu-Chek. it fits fine but because its only 6mm i "should change it every 2 days". so i wait 3 days.

  2. I haven't tried a manual insert -
    Sounds like your "team" is great!

    1. hi colleen,

      i've used manual inserts since the beginning. like i said i've tried some recently with inserters but i find myself counting down and chickening out! manual is easier for me for some reason!

  3. Hi. I started with an automatic pod shaped insert and found it quite often hurt when I was inserting it. I changed to a manual Animas Comfort and have never looked back.


    1. hi fraudster,

      the Comfort is an angles set right? i haven't tried that one yet. i am a little afraid that with a 2year old granddaughter climbing all over me it may get ripped out easier? i don't know.
      p.s. glad you had an awesome vacation! i enjoyed your posts from abroad!

  4. I used the plastic cannulas for my first 4 years of pumping but got so frustrated with the kinked cannulas that I have been using the steel needles ever since.

    1. Hi Sara,

      4 years?? i don't think i would have been able to wait so long. after only a couple kinks i'd had enough. the steel needles never kink and i also don't get the burning like i did occasionally with the others.