Thursday, July 26, 2012


today was my appointment with my Endo.  they have moved to a new building and it is really nice.  all brand new and shiny.  they are now in an office all by themselves, no sharing with another doctor. 

the appt was fairly standard.  i speak mainly with his....i don't really know what she is.  i guess she's a Diabetes-Specialist -Educator- Nurse.  she goes over all my labs with me, and does the weighing, blood pressure and checking my downloads.  we didn't do any tweaking today, basically because i just saw my ladies at the Diabetic Education Centre, and we were pleased with the results of the tweaking we did a couple weeks ago. 

my A1c was 7.1.    in march when i last saw Dr. P, it was 7.7 so that's some improvement.  blood pressure is down,  cholesterol results weren't in this lab, but they'll be in shortly.  i started a new drug about 6wks ago, ezetrol, so we will see soon if that is helping along with the lipitor to bring down that pesky cholesterol.

later this afternoon, i was going to to a blood test to see how my lunch bolus was working.  having had pasta and salad, i was a little curious, since usually pasta sends me over the top.

i inserted the strip in my OneTouch Ping meter and recieved a message. 

ERROR 2 - meter or strip problem

i have never seen this before.  my heart skipped a beat.  i tried another strip.  same message.  i took out the batteries and put them back in.  got another strip and tried again.  same message.  so now i am a little panicked.  should i call animas?  should i contact OneTouch about the test strips?  

i decided to get out my OneTouch Mini and give that a go with one of the strips that "failed".  it worked perfectly.  i tried it again in the Ping.  error message.  i got a new bottle of test strips and tried them in the Ping.  worked like a charm.  then i tried one of the strips from the first bottle in the Mini and it said ERR2.

hmmmm........since the meter reading on the Mini said 3.6, i decided to set everything aside and work on the slide into Lowdom.   after eating a package of FrootLoop Fruit Snacks (17gr carbs) and making a coffee, double double (i know a little overkill), i tried the whole thing over again.  

everything worked.  strips from both bottles worked fine in the Ping.  not really sure what the heck happened but it seems to be working now.  i will take both meters to work with me tonight as well as both bottles of strips.  

have any of you out there using the Animas Ping had this happen to you?  if so, do you know why??

{after typing this post, i realized that the blower fan under my laptop is not working.  the laptop is becoming quite warm ~ okay almost HOT!  my meter and strips were close to the laptop earlier while i was working on here.  perhaps everything just got a little hot??  does that sound reasonable to you??}


  1. I've gotten that message when the strips or meter were too cold...
    Glad it's all working now. Well, everything but your laptop fan...

    1. thanks colleen, i am glad it's working buy i'm still going to bring the other meter along for a day or 2 just to be on the safe side! LOL!

  2. Thanks for this post... I didn't know that temperature could affect test strips! Glad your endo visit went well :)