Saturday, December 17, 2011

nostalgia, the ghost of Christmas past

with Christmas just around the corner,  there is so much going on.  i need to make a list of my lists!  on one list, ~write out cards, ~buy stamps, ~make sure all addresses are current, ~mail cards.
on another titled "THINGS TO BUY", ~turkey, ~stuffing bread (wonderful stuff!), ~cranberries, ~turnip (yes, we love it), crackers (the kind you pull).  and on yet another is the list of people to buy gifts for, and, of course what to buy for each one on said list. 

it is at about this time, that my mind starts to slip.  it happens like this.  i start doing one thing, and then think "oh, i should do...."  and off i go to do whatever it was that i thought of at that moment.  it seems i leave behind me a trail of half completed things, and i think i'll never be ready!

i go shopping and realize, once i have fought for a parking space, located a quarter(yes we have to "pay" for our carts here), and entered the store, that lo and behold, i have FORGOTTEN THE DAMN LIST!!

and so, whilst drinking a soothing cup of tea (laden with sugar to ward off that low blood sugar that is lurking around), i allow my mind to slip in another direction.  i am recalling Christmases past.

the first Christmas that i actually remember, i am around 5 years old.  oh the excitement!  it's hard being good all year and then waiting to see if Santa brought what you asked for.  we spent this particular Christmas at my grandparents house.  busy days leading up to the event, visiting relatives, playing in the snow, loading up on treats (pre-diabetes days!). 
Christmas Eve arrives and after a full day, bedtime is upon us.  i'm sure i drifted off to sleep with visions of sugar plums and all that.

little did i know that my mom and grandparents had gone to midnight Mass and left my dad in charge.  as i slept in my cozy bed under the eaves (it was a two-storey with sloped ceilings) i was awakened by, you guessed it, hooves on the roof!!  i swear it!!  i heard the clippity clop and the heavy footsteps of the fat old man getting out of that sleigh!  i lay there, tense under the blankets, listening.  i knew that if i wasn't sleeping, Santa wouldn't come.  and yet, he was here!!!!

after what seemed like an eternity, i crept down the stairs and peeked around the corner.  and there, under the tree, were presents!  what seemed then like tons of them!!!  and my dad was sound asleep in the rocking chair.  oh my!!!

i scampered over to the tree and started to rip open gifts!  i sound incredibly greedy, but remember i was only 5.  it was at about this time that i heard a door open, and i thought Santa was back to catch me!  turned out it was my mom and grandparents returning from Mass. 

oh what i would do for a picture of the looks on their faces when they saw me!   the commotion woke my poor father up, and i remember him looking around in bewilderment probably thinking what the...!! 

there i sat, surrounded by gift wrap, opened presents, and a feeling of awe! 

"Look!! Santa came!!!" 

each Christmas, after i open gifts from my loving family, i am reminded of those 3 little words, and 4 others.


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