Tuesday, December 27, 2011

my Christmas gift from D

well Christmas is over.  everything has found a home.  all the wrapping paper and boxes are outside at the curb waiting for the Garbage Man to pick it all up and dispose of it.  my goodness how fast it is over. 

this time last week i didn't think i would be ready for it, but apparently i managed.

we had a wonderful Christmas.  it's weird not having little ones waking us up at 5am.  with just myself, my husband and a 22yr old at home, there doesn't seem to be the urgency any longer.   we got up around 8.  made coffee, my daughter checked out her stocking (the last of my kids to get a stocking!), and then we went to my other daughters for breakfast.

there it seemed a little more like the "old days".  my two grandchildren were hyped up on the candies Santa left in their stockings.  the house was alive with noise and excitement!  Cameron was so happy that Santa brought him his PSP, and Aubrey was a little overwhelmed with it all.  she wasn't sure what to make of all the gifts! 

after breakfast we came home and i started getting everything together for dinner.  i tried hard to convince everyone that Chinese Food would be a great thing to have for Christmas dinner, but in the end i cooked a turkey and all the fixings!  we weren't all here though.  my son and daughter in law were missing.  it was their turn with her family.  they were missed.

boxing day was spent at my sister's place with her family and my parents.  we all (all 9 of us) travelled to her house, and spent the day opening gifts, enjoying each others company and stuffing our faces with more delicious fare!

bg's were not looked at too closely, as i was celebrating the fact that this time last year, i wasn't sure what was going to happen and didn't really know if i would be here this year.

last year, at this time, i had just found out that i may need to have some surgery.  i had some issues with my heart, and had been suffering angina attacks for about 7 months without being aware that that was what they were.  i was not allowed to work, because it was thought that the stress may cause me to have a heart attack and i was told to just "relax and bake pies for my Doctor"!  funny lady, she is!

and so this Christmas, D kind of took a backseat, and i celebrated being able to spend another Christmas with my family.  being able to watch my grandkids open presents.  the look of excitement and wonder on their faces.  seeing the love in my husbands eyes as he watched his family.  the laughter and the memories of Christmas' past that we shared.  the new memories created.

oh yes, D took the backseat, and he stayed there, pretty quietly and let me have this gift.  for that i am thankful. 

today he came back and let me know that it was a short-lived gift, but thats okay with me.  i can handle it, cause i've got everything to live for!!

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