Wednesday, December 14, 2011

help a D-sister out, won't ya?

Twitter.  almost everyone i know is on Twitter.  i am on Twitter.  i don't really understand Twitter.  i read everyone's updates, and occasionally i comment, but i still don't really get it.  i finally got a Blackberry.  it is my daughters old one, but hey, at least i can now send a BBM and even a voicenote!  the other night my daughter added Twitter to my phone.  interesting.  i told her "i must be old" she laughed, and said "no, not old, just not Twitter savvy".  i swear it makes my head hurt trying to keep up and understand all that goes on!  things pop up so fast!!  i am pretty sure Simon was not referring to my update the other night, but how was i to know?? i said i was low, he mentioned pecan pie.   and hash tags?  what are they? why are they? and how do they work?  i am definitely up for a quick lesson from any of you out there that Tweet. is there anyone out there that can help a D-sister out?


  1. I mostly just lurk a lot over there in twitter land.

  2. Mmmm, yay, the thing that works best for me with Twitter is to just jump in when I have a minute, but not try to catch up on the stuff I may have missed. It does move very fast. If someone is replying to something you said, they will usually @ you (which means your user name will be in the Tweet so you'll know they are talking to you). I think if you just lurk like Colleen says you'll get the hang of it. You can always email me any questions and I'll try to help!! Do I follow you on Twitter? What's your name over there??