Friday, December 09, 2011

Let the Countdown Begin!!

in honour of Christmas, my font is green.
silly i know, but i need to do something to get me in the Christmas mood!

last saturday, i went to a Cookie Exchange.  it was fun, i suppose.  there was a gift exchange game, where everyone got a Christmas Tree Decoration.  the gift i picked was a cute little snowman, which fits in with my house.  i collect snowmen, so there are quite a few of them hanging out here. (pics to be added later) 

the treats we exchanged were supposed to go in the freezer, however, there are none left to freeze.  oh, and it wasn't me that was eating them!!

my house is decorated, the outside lights are on, and there is a dusting of snow, but it still doesn't feel Christmas-y. 

saturday is my one day off from both my jobs so i am hitting the malls and getting this shopping done!  this afternoon, before i go to work, i am going to get as many Christmas cards done as a i can.

sunday afternoon my two daughters, my grandson and i are going to see a play.  it is Sleeping Beauty and it is an "audience interactive play designed for all ages".  not sure how much fun an almost 6yr old boy will have, but we'll see! 

afterward i hope to begin baking.  this time treats will hit the freezer, and i might even try making a few things with Splenda!  i don't normally eat alot of sugary sweetness at Christmas, i am more of a savoury type person.  however, after getting my A1c down to 7.0, i think i might treat myself a little!

next weekend we have a huge annual neighbourhood Christmas Party to go to.  i am really looking forward to this!  good friends, good food, and a few drinks!  some wonderful Christmas carrolls and lots of laughter!

i think i'll be ready for Christmas, and i usually work really well under pressure!
in any event, the day will arrive whether i'm ready or not!!


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