Friday, June 17, 2011

to worry or not to worry

yesterday i had my quarterly appt with my endo.  what is it about going there that sends me a little crazy?

is it my A1c?
is it my blood pressure?
perhaps it's my cholesterol levels.
or maybe it's the amount of protein in my urine.

all of these things worry me.  my doctor always gives me a copy of the results of my recent blood work.  i don't really understand it all. i mean, it's about as clear as mud.

i will say, that my A1c is coming down nicely.   i'm quite happy about that.  a year or so ago, it was somewhere close to 10.  each time i go for bloodwork it comes down.  this time it was 7.2.  i was ecstatic!

cholesterol is a little high.  blood pressure is a little high.  i do believe, however, that i suffer from white coat syndrome.  it seems that my blood pressure is always a little higher than my normal when i am at the doctors. 

this time, dear doctor asked me if i had ever seen a kidney specialist.  it seems that the protein in my urine could be something to worry about.  i have never seen a specialist regarding my kidneys.  he said not to worry.  he wanted to do another test in a months time.  a first morning pee.  he said it could just be a one off and again told me not to worry.

uh huh.  don't worry.  does he realize that is exactly what i have been doing since he told me that yesterday morning! 

and does he realize that worry is stress and stress is not good!  i am supposed to try not to stress.  it's not good for my newly bypassed arteries. 

obviously he is getting to know me better, because he doubled my dose of Avapro (blood pressure med).

now if only i could turn my brain off.      8-/

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  1. I once had an "abnormal reading" for the microalbumin test they do. Of course I freaked out, but my endo thought it was just an off reading...sure enough, when they tested the next time, everything looked normal. It's hard to stop yourself from worrying! Good job on the A1C!