Wednesday, June 08, 2011

2 more sleeps!

only 2 more sleeps and then i am going on my mini vacation.  a 3night, 4day trip to the cottage that myself and my girlfriends have been renting for the past, oh 5 years i guess. 
this year will  be a little different.  reason being?  i am now using my Animas Ping Pump!!  so i guess instead of just packing insulin (2types), pens, tips, meter, and strips, and a couple of pills,  i will be packing a little more.

and so i have decided that i will be in need of something lovely to carry all my supplies in.  something that will hold ~~~ are you ready?  

insulin (again 2types just in case, as well as pens & tips, again just in case!), meter, stips, cartridges, infusion sets, glucagon, and glucose tabs!  plus my list of pills which include, thyroid, blood pressure, cholesterol and iron pills,  as well as baby aspirin.

any ideas??   any suggestions are welcome, and appreciated!!

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  1. I have heard these work great!