Monday, June 27, 2011

Diabetes sucks
The life out of my cheque book
I wish I were rich

i am tired of going to work, just to be able to buy my d-supplies.
or at least that is how it seems right now.
i am no longer covered under my husbands benifits at work.
it seems that they only allow $1000/yr/person, and i have maxed that out already.
the plan just started in October, so i have a few more months to survive, until my $1000
starts again.

luckily for me, here in Ontario, Canada, we have coverage for our pump supplies.
the Ontario government gives us $2400/yr benefit (doled out quarterly) for insulin pump supplies.  things like cartridges, infusion sets, whatever you need. 

all you have to do is keep the receipts in case they want to verify what you used the money for.  i don't have a problem with that.

right now, my only problem is that Canada Post is under lock out.  they went on strike.  it was a rolling strike.  delivery every other day.  then the government locked them out. 

so the cheque i am waiting for, is locked up.  supposedly they are being forced back to work tomorrow.  i should get my cheque in a couple days.  good thing, 'cause my bank account needs it!

i still have to figure out where the $$$$ is coming from to pay for the other drugs such as insulin,  blood pressure meds, high cholesterol meds, thyroid meds, test strips.....oh i know there are people worse off than me.

i just wish, for everyone's sake, that the drug companies would understand that we don't take these things 'cause we want to.  and we really do want to live long, healthy lives.  why do they make it sooo difficult?

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