Tuesday, July 26, 2011

has this ever happened to you??

sunday morning i got up and prepared to change my infusion set.  i got all the essentials and proceeded to
do the switch.  all went well.  the old site looked good, and the new one went in fine.  nothing weird, no crazy "pop"ping sounds, no resistance.  nothing.

 i use an Animas Ping and the ContactD sets.  these, for those not familiar, you insert these yourself.  i have found in the past, that sometimes i feel "hear" a strange popping sound.  once, when i felt "heard" that, my numbers, over the course of the day continued to climb, despite some rage bolusing.  this time, i had nothing like that.

by monday morning the site was getting a little itchy.  i checked and didn't notice anything strange.  by about 10am the itch was increasing but still all seemed fine.  my grandson had an appt at 10:30 that i was taking him to, so out we went.

around 11:30, i reached over to scratch the "itch" and noticed a bump.  hmmmm.  well since i was sitting in a room full of other parents, and caregivers, i couldn't just lift up my shirt to look at my stomach.  so i waited til i got to the car.  and there appeared to be a water blister peeking out from under the site.

home we go.  and once again i get out the stuff.  a new inset.  i disconnect and top up my cartridge.  attach new set, rewind, load, prime and insert.   then the fun begins  8-\

i begin to remove the old set.  the water blister breaks and fluid leaks out.  the skin is stuck to the tape.  uh oh.  this is no fun.  and it stings!  finally, after several minutes of gentle tugging and peeling, it is off. 

this is what i am left with after only one day.  not just 1 blister, but 3.

 not sure why.  could i be allergic??  this hasn't happened before, and i didn't do anything differently. has this ever happened to you??


  1. I am all too familiar with this. This happens to with my medtronic sensor. I just have very sensitive skin. :(

  2. Ouch, that looks and sounds terrible!!!! I've had some pretty bad irritation with sites and sensors at times, but nothing with blisters that rip off with the adhesive. I'm so sorry - I hope you can find out what the problem is. Maybe call Animas and ask about it?