Monday, July 11, 2011

mmmmm...Dairy Queen 8D

today it was a very hot day.  there was a bit of a breeze blowing, but i was really glad i have a pool.
with 2 sticky (but still sweet!) grandkids running around, the pool was a definate relief!

some days the heat drives my BG's into the ground.  other days, it soars.  today it was pretty level all day.  needless to say,  that made me very happy.

after the kiddies went home, and dinner was over and all cleaned up, we decided we needed to go out to pick up a few items.  (i wish i had air conditioning like the stores!! LOL!!)

up ahead, i could see the DQ sign.  i looked at my husband, he looked at me.  we both said
"what the hell!! lets do it!!

and so i enjoyed my first DQ in about 3 years!  i had a Buster Bar.  it was sooo good!  and only 45gr of  carbs!!!  well worth the extra bolus!


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