Tuesday, January 29, 2013

night sweats, lesson learned

Do you every have days when you've had enough of Diabetes?  When you just want to throw in the towel and say "I'm done.  I've had enough of this stupid disease"?

Of course you have.  We all have!  Well this seems to be my week for this. And it's only Tuesday!!

Highs, lows, more highs.  Mostly highs.  All this started Saturday.  It was time for a site change.  Although my BG's were holding fairly steady (no last day rises), I was down to 0 units left.  Literally ->

I decided to make this a free shower day.  Heaven!

New site went in no problems.  Off we went to have breakfast and watch our grandson play hockey.  About halfway through the game, the site started to burn.  Nothing too much, just a niggle.  I checked my BG and it was a little high.  I did a correction bolus and continued to watch hockey.  After the game, at home, I checked the site.  It looked fine.  Another BG proved that something wasn't right.  Still high (higher than before the correction).  I decided to pull the site and find a new spot.  

We had another hockey game at noon.  Hubby dearest bought me some french fries for lunch (mmmm good old arena fries!), I bolused accordingly (well as close as I could figure), and continued to watch hockey.   

After the game, I checked my BG before driving to work.  A little higher than I would have liked, but due to the fries, I wasn't too worried.  Ping did not advise a bolus as I still had insulin on board.  Good to go.

All afternoon I was feeling off.  I checked my BG's numerous times throughout my shift at work.  A little high, correct.  Re-check.  Higher.  Correct again.

Finally my shift is over and I go home.  I'm starting to feel ill.  Check ketones.  Thankfully none.  Decide to pull site again, and start over.  New bottle of insulin and everything.  I'm getting hungry but want to wait till the numbers start to drop before I eat anything. 

I sit down to begin my newest hobby.  Knitting.  I am knitting a scarf.  One of those frilly ones.  Easy peasy!!  

After a couple of hours  I checked those nasty BG's again and finally they were right where I wanted them.  Time to eat.  I choose a low carb dinner of salad, and french onion soup.  Things have levelled out and stay steady.  

Sunday comes and goes with just a few fluctuations.  Nothing too drastic.  
I decide to have some popcorn while watching TV in the evening.  Not alot, just one of Orville Redenbachers bag/bowl thingys.        


Monday morning.  Alarm goes off.  Eyes feel glued shut.  I hate this.  I know exactly whats up.  BG almost 20(thats over 300)!!  Here we go again.  This time I know for a fact that me and popcorn do not get along.  Correction bolus coming right up.

The rest of the day goes along swell.  It's Monday so that means I have to be at work for 5pm.  After having Aubrey all day, and picking up Cam from school, I need to eat quick and have them ready to go home.  Their dad is running late.  No problem.  

I arrive home at 10:30.  I want to relax and watch some TV.  I am feeling a little peckish but am staying away from popcorn.  Tonight is some crackers and a pear.  BG's are great.  I quickly bolus and settle in for mindless television and bed.

I am awoken by my husband at about 4:30am.  I am drenched in sweat and he is shaking me and telling me I am low.  There are times in the past when I would have argued with him, but I have grown so much in the last year or so.  I no longer argue, I just reach over and pluck the glucose tabs off the side table and start munching in my sleep.  He asks me if I'm going to test and I answer with a "no...too tired...I'll just eat these...it'll be good"  I eat 5 of them, as promptly fall back to sleep.

At about 7am I wake up.  Feeling a little sluggish, but not bad.  I get up and head downstairs.  Knowing my munchkins will be arriving in about 45 minutes, I start the coffee, down my pills and do my bloodtest.  3.9mmol

I wonder what my numbers would have been at 4:30 if I had tested.  

Lesson learned --- no matter what time it is, or how tired I am  TEST TEST TEST!!






  1. TEST! Don't guess!
    But - I've done the same thing...

  2. Yep, raising my hand here too.

    What a ride you were on!