Monday, August 27, 2012

turn the wagon over.

last wednesday i wrote about my desire to eat a lower carb array of food (read diet ~ but i really hate that word).

well, i certainly chose the wrong day to start that.  

i wasn't really thinking clearly.  i did really well for the first half the day.

then, well, i fell off the wagon. i completely forgot that my best friend's son was getting married on saturday!  now i know that sounds awful and that's not exactly what i mean.  i knew he was getting married, and i knew that i was invited and would definitely be attending.  

what i forgot about was the food!  the number of pre-wedding parties there would be.  with out-of-town family and friends showing up, the get-togethers seemed endless.  

wednesday night, we had an impromptu bar/meeting regarding the Rehearsal Dinner and Post Wedding Brunch.  since i was helping in the preparation and serving of these two meals, there were some fine details to go over.

it was just supposed to be a few drinks and finalizing the menu and time of the two events, which my friend, the mother of the groom, was hosting.  her sister, another good friend had arrived and we thought we could kill a few birds with one stone.

well that plan quickly turned into a little party, with dinner, and about 13 people.  i should have stuck with my rum and diet and just grabbed something to eat at home.  but oh nooo.  i had a little potato salad, some chick pea salad, a few crackers and hummus.  oh there was a piece of chicken thrown in there, but really?  and not only that, but the Caesar's were flowing and going down real good! (side-bar~~ fasting BG next morning was 5.5)

friday was the Rehearsal Dinner.  once again there was so much food.  greek pasta salad, green salad, potato salad, broccoli salad,  beef, chili, buns, and so much else.  i tried to limit myself to the low carb options like the beef without a bun, and the broccoli salad, but i just love greek pasta salad so i had to have a little scoop of that!

wedding day arrived and i started the day with an egg white omelet and coffee.  i didn't really eat anything after that as the day was just too busy!  

the day was beautiful.  the weather was perfect, sun shining, a cool breeze, and the wedding itself was a really nice little ceremony held out doors  at the Golf and Country Club.

after the ceremony, cocktails were served, without hor d'oeuvres.  so i lucked out there.  dinner was actually a pretty light affair.  a lovely salad of mixed greens, wrapped in cucumber slices with tomato, onion slices and radish roses and a drizzle of raspberry vinaigrette to start.  then the entree.  a chicken breast stuffed with asparagus, bacon and cheese drenched in hollondaise sauce, two little new potatoes and some green and yellow beans tied with a green onion.  a pretty little plate of food, not too high in carbs.  dessert was a little cake-like treat with a strawberry on the side.  i only had a bite to taste.  it was delicious but quite sweet.  

later in the evening a light lunch was offered.  i did not partake.  i stuck to my Caesars.  i know, i know.  but hey, it was a wedding after all.

brunch on sunday i tried to take it easy.  i had a mimosa. mmmm quite good really!  oh and a croissant with an egg muffin (basically and omelet made in a muffin tin).   i didn't have anything else until dinner, where i blew it yet again!  oh damn you Burger King!  

and so, today i start anew in my quest to eat lower carb.  i will not let myself be consumed in guilt for my epic fail over the weekend.  i helped to celebrate the beginning of a lifetime's journey of 2 wonderful young people!

today i will just turn the wagon over, and climb back on.  


  1. Temporary setbacks! You will rock this, I know you will.

  2. If there was ever a reason to "fall off the wagon", I'd say it's a wedding.

  3. Hang in there Kim! I agree with Sara - the stars aligned against ya in this case, but you can totally get back to what you want to do. Don't give up!

    1. Thanks Scott! I'm still working on it! it's become a work in progress. for the most part i am eating lower carb, even if its just a lesser amount of my favourite carbs! (like potatoes-my favourite comfort food!)