Thursday, August 16, 2012

does that sound logical??

sometimes i wonder if it's worth taking a holiday.  

this past week was actually my first "holiday" since my triple bypass surgery in January 2011.

we really didn't do anything on our holiday.  we didn't go anywhere.  we didn't do anything stressful.  i think the most ambitious thing we did was grocery shop.  we had what some call a "staycation".  

basically, we stayed home, lazed around, went out for lunch a couple times.  nothing fancy.  we swam a couple times.  i went to the library.  i read.  i had a couple drinks (he had a couple more!).  

our town has a free music festival every wednesday and saturday night all summer long, so on our first saturday of our said staycation, we went to Little Lake to see Kim Mitchell.  the evening was clear.  the weather was nice.  it was a warm evening.  everything was going along swimmingly.  we made it through the warm-up band (a young punk/alternative group), and were just beginning to enjoy Kim Mitchell, when the skies opened up halfway through his 3rd song. 

needless to say, after a minute or two we were asked to leave the park "for our safety".  Kim told the organizers he would stay and continue to play but i guess there have been some near misses with thunder and lightening at other events (not here though), so they told him he couldn't continue.  we left, a little disappointed, but knowing that he would make every attempt to come back to our neck of the woods before summer's end.

our biggest "thing" was having a BBQ this past saturday night with 8 of our closest friends.  it was potluck.  we did hamburgers and hotdogs, with a lot of wonderful side salads made by our guests.  there was music going and drinks flowing.  i had a great time!  laughed my ass off all night long!  

i woke up sunday morning with a pretty good BG considering.  my only problem wasn't a hangover.  it was the fact that my ribs and stomach were so sore from laughing i couldn't sneeze without hurting!!! OMG!! i guess i need to laugh more.

so monday comes and i know i have to work that night.  my problem is that i am so tired. 

how is it possible?  i've slept in most mornings (well till 8am), i didn't really stay up late(considering i didn't have to get up early), and yet i am sooo tired!!

next year, i've decided i'm going to take 2 weeks holidays.  the first week will be the holiday, and the 2nd week will be the recovery from the first week.

does that sound logical??

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  1. I loved that "I'm so tired's...tired!!" It seems that laughing, relaxing, BBQing, swimming and shopping during your staycation was so much fun, it tired you out!
    And it's perfectly week is never enough!