Thursday, August 09, 2012

D loves, D loves me not

I'm not really sure what exactly is going on.  

Is it the weather?  The time of year?  The moons placement in the sky?  The fact that I'm on holidays?

For the last week or more, my fasting BG's have been through the roof.   I haven't been doing anything different than I normally do.  Well that isn't exactly true.  I have been on holidays.  But really the only thing different is that I am not working in the evening after looking after the grandkiddies all day.

Looking at my meter, this really started the first morning of my holidays. These are my fasting BG's for the last 5 days.

Aug 5 ~ 20.3
Aug 6 ~ 21.0
Aug 7 ~ 18.9
Aug 8 ~ 20.5
Aug 9 ~ 19.3

I spend the rest of the day chasing these highs with insulin.  I try not to eat anything carby, so that it won't go up any higher.  Some days it takes all day to come back into range.  Talk about rage bolusing!!! 

I have changed my site more times in the past 5 days than i normally do in 2 weeks!!! I have opened a new bottle of insulin.  I have used temp basal increases.  I am going through test strips like there's no tomorrow!!

I am tired.  My eyes itch.  I am sick of this.  I think it is because I am eating the same but not getting the same amount of exercise as I do when I'm working.  You would think that after 37 years of living this D-life, I would have some idea of what is going on and how to fix it.  

The only good thing is that I am not showing any ketones during any of these highs.  And I don't really feel "sick", like I sometimes do.  No weird smell of bleach either, thank goodness.

This has been the D-week from hell.  

D Loves me,    D Loves me...


  1. THAT would drive me CRAZY!! I would be waking up sick every morning. There's no explanation....

    My suggestion? because you asked for it (just kidding) do a couple middle of the night checks. like, 2am...4am... etc. and try to stay on top of it. correct and check again. Maybe go so far as to set a TBR. If this has been happening for 5 straight days already..

    hang in there

  2. My numbers are up all week too, doing everything the same. Don't let it ruin your holiday!!!

  3. :( this is no way to spend your holiday. I'm sorry.