Saturday, March 03, 2012

flying mushrooms and other things

i'm sure i have mentioned that i work in a grocery store.  usually i enjoy going to work.  lately the hours have increased and part of me enjoys that.  but part of me is exhausted.  i work mon-fri babysitting my 2 grandkids as well as my friends granddaughter.  that is about 40+hrs a week.  then i work another 20-26hrs at the store. 

we have a self check out there, and you will frequently find me manning that post.
i don't mind this at all.  we have 6 units and they are usually fairly busy.  some evenings, though, they can be slow.  i sometimes feel as though i am just standing looking around.  i have occasisionally grabbed a magazine and started copying out recipes! 

the other night, i was working the self checkout, when one of our managers came by.  he had earlier cracked his head open and ended up spending 3hrs in ER.  i was joking around with him about that when a customer (the only one at the time), had an issue.  he suddenly shouted "are you the attendant here?"  to which i replied "no, she went home about an hour ago, but perhaps i can help you", all the while i am smiling at this man, and walking towards him.

all of a sudden he is throwing mushrooms at me!!
i somehow managed to catch them, but i was certainly surprised to say the least! by now other customers had arrived to use the other machines.    i kept on smiling and said "now what did these poor mushrooms do to you?"  and he angrily states  he "is not in a joking mood".

i quickly scanned the mushrooms (he had 2 packs), finished his order and got him out of there.

i noticed that my manager had disappeared rather quickly once the man let go with the mushrooms!
he came walking back over after the angry man left and says to me "he was a little unpleasant wasn't he?"

at that moment if i had still had the mushrooms i would have thrown them at him!! 

why do some people think it is within their right to be rude and ignorant to others?  i just don't get it.
i may be having a bad day, my dog may have just died, perhaps i was in the middle of making homemade cream of mushroom soup and realized i didn't have any mushrooms!!  but that doesn't give me the right to take out my frustrations on the innocent people around me. 

i really hope he arrived home and realized what and ass he was.  i hope he was embarrased.
i doubt that that is what happened, but i can hope can't i?

and now on to other things~~~~

i am continuing with my painting classes.  i really look forward to wednesday nights. 
here are the last few wednesdays paintings. 
week 4

week 5

week 6
this week there is no class, but we are going to a wonderful art store to browse and see what interesting things we can find.  i will be buying a couple more brushes and a few other handy little tools.  i will be doing some paintings on my own at home.

 if i like them, i will share them with you!


  1. Your art is amazing.
    He threw mushrooms at you? You're a better person than I. I'd have thrown them back.

  2. I agree that your paintings are amazing.

    Re the idiot with the mushrooms: people like that are everywhere. Sorry you were his victim on that particular occasion.

    It made for an interesting post though! Cheers.