Monday, February 27, 2012

off to the opthamologist

hi there.  it's been over a week since i've been on here.  seems longer. 
i have been busy this past week. 

since my granddaughter's birthday i have worked, and painted, and worked some more. 

this morning i had my 6mth visit with my opthamologist.  at my last visit, he gave me a new prescription because i needed (read wanted) new glasses.  my actual prescription for distance hadn't changed, but the bifocal portion needed to be a little stronger. 

i finally took in the prescription and picked out new frames.  i really like the glasses, but the difference in lenses (from glass to plastic) seemed to bother me.

so today i asked him to check the lenses because i didn't think i was seeing as clearly as i should be.  they were right.  it's just because the size of the lenses is smaller than my last pair so with the bifocal you need to adjust where you are looking out of them.

he checked my vision for distance again.  mentioned that i have dry eyes.  i told him that i notice dry itchy, gravelly eyes when my BG is high.  it's the first way i notice it.  he checked the pressure and all is well.  then came the drops.  we all know about the drops right?  the ones that dilate your pupils?  the ones that make you look stoned.  ya, i love them.  he put them in at 9:00am.

out in the waiting room once again. to sit for 20 minutes.  waiting for the dilation to happen.  i can feel it happening.  things start getting blurry.  it feels as if there is a film over my eyes.  if i could only just peel it off, then i would be able to see again.

back in i go to see how things look in there.  blinding light being shone in my eyes.  trying to stare at his ear, or somewhere other than the light and not to blink.  oh my! 

finally he declares everything is good.  no new leaks.  everything is as good as last time.  come back in 6 months. 

and as for the dryness,  he gave me some sample sizes of "lubricating drops" to try before i buy. 

now it's 3:15PM and if my pupils would just go back to normal size, all would be well in my world!


  1. Hi KD
    After my last op visit, eyes dilated, I wheeled my pushbike down to the pub where my husband is a regular. Sat at the bar, with my dilated pupils, and waited for him. Spent a very pleasant couple of hours waiting for some semblance of normal vision, then pedalled home with hub. Think I'll do that again.

  2. I just love how they dialate your eyes so everything is blurry and then expect you to write a check or sign a credit card slip afterwards. :) Glad things are going so well for you!