Saturday, October 22, 2011

battling exhaustion

it's been a little while since i have been on here.  i try to read a few blogs every day, but writing has been difficult. 

my schedule lately has been hectic (working 7 days a week), and there doesn't seem to be much "me" time.

i read about everyone's wonderful "Simonpalooza" experiences and i must say, i am a tad bit jealous.  it sounds like everyone involved had a spectacular time, and i am glad for them!  travelling across the world to meet people that have helped change your life, that is an unbelievable adventure!!! how brave Simon was, and how nice that so many people came out to embrace him.  i wish i could have been there.

right now, though, i don't think i would have the energy to answer the door if a whole carload of DOC'ers showed up.  I.AM.SO.TIRED. 

i know i am a bit anemic, and should probably be taking more iron, and eating a diet including a little more iron.  but iron and me don't really get along.  i was at the hospital yesterday for a pre-op anesthetic consult (hand surgery on Nov2), and the nurse asked if i was tired alot.  I said yes, but assumed it was because i am working about 65-70 hrs a week.  she wondered if i was taking an iron supplement.  i told her yes, and the name of it.  she suggested that i try Proferrin. it is a Heme Iron Supplement. she said it is much easier on the stomach and you need less of it because it is more easily absorbed by the body than the Non-heme Iron supplements(called Iron Salts). 

when i am tired and not getting the sleep i need, my mind and body suffer.  i cant stay focused.  i lose my temper easily.  i ache everywhere my BG's are all over the place.  they are up, they are down, they are back up again.  i try to count, and keep track of my carbs, but still things are wacky.

i am thinking about doing a trial run with a CGM.  i have surgery coming up on my hand, and i would like my BG's to be fairly steady.  i believe i can do a trial with my DEC(diabetic education centre). 

i have sunday off, so i will try to do a little research,  maybe have a day to relax and not worry about all the things i should be doing, that never seem to get done.  for now though, i am off to bed.

i'm tired of battling exhaustion.

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