Thursday, February 20, 2014


Good Morning All!!

Are you excited?  Today is the day that I announce the winner of the Premiere Bundle Pack of bars and shakes that Ethan at Level Life so generously offered to one of my readers!!

I've never done a free giveaway before so i googled how to pick a winner. 

RandomPicker seemed to be the simplest (and it was free!), so this morning I set up an account with them and entered every one of the commenters names into the generator.  I put them in in the same order that the comments came in.  (as i was doing this i was picturing and old fashioned bingo game with the numbers rolling around, or that huge rolling glass container from the show "Bowling for Dollars" where they always picked a name for some prize or other!)

And so without further ado (insert drumroll here).......................

The winner is.......................

Duenan Knute!

so Duenan, in order for you to receive your prize, you need to email me (my address is at the top right) with your complete mailing information, which I will pass on to Ethan at Level Life and he will get that sent out to you right away!

I want to thank everyone for your great comments!  I really appreciate you stopping by!


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