Friday, February 28, 2014

a cure for my breakdowns

Have I mentioned that
Like seriously.

Woke up this morning with a BG of 30.4
Had a night filled with incredibly painful leg cramps.  Lots of jumping out of bed trying to flatten my foot to the floor.  The weird thing is that the cramp is in my calf, behind my knee or running down the front of my shin. Talk about irritating. And it's not just one leg.  It seems to go from one  to the other or sometimes both at once.  Now there's a picture.  Me trying to flatten both feet on the floor at the same time, in the dark while grasping onto the closet door handle for support!

Unfortunately, at some point whilst flinging the blankets off of me and jumping out of bed, I must have dislodged my site because i found it laying on the bed beside me this morning happily delivering insulin into my mattress.

Lack of sleep along with lack of insulin will make me a tad ugly in the morning.

And so before my morning coffee, there I was in my kitchen doing a site change. I was due for one anyway.  My only wish was that I had a syringe on hand (note to self - pick up some after work this evening), then I could have injected my huge correction and had a bot-free shower! Alas that did not happen.  

Part of my routine in site changes has always included cleaning my skin with an alcohol wipe (even if I just showered lol).  Now this routine also includes spraying my skin with Benadryl.  
The reason for this is because if I don't my skin will start to breakdown.  It will get all itchy to start with, then a blister will form that will continue to itch like crazy.  When I try to pull the site, the skin will break and ooze.  Not a pretty picture, sorry.  This will take days to heal, itching the whole time.  Then I will be left with a lovely scar that takes months to disappear!  

So Benadryl is the cure for my breakdown.  Not sure where I read about it.  Likely somewhere on the DOC.  Whomever you are, I seriously thank you! 
I just spray this on my skin before inserting.  It forms a lovely barrier and voila!  No more itchy, blistery skin! (it also helps sites stick better!)

If you suffer from the same fate with your sites(and your poor skin), I highly recommend this stuff!

Happy Blue Friday and have an awesome weekend everyone!



  1. Poor you! Keep living the dream, said Fraudster facetiously!

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