Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Busy days are on the way!

Things are beginning to get that "summery" feeling around here.  Not because of the temperature (it's still early spring/early fall feeling), but rather because of the activities that are about to commence!

This weekend is Father's Day weekend.  Every year I gather my parents, my sister and her family and all my children and their children to my home to celebrate "the Dad's".  In total there are 4 dads that we celebrate each year.

My dad, my kids' dad, my nephews dad, and my grandkids' dad!  We have a lot of fun.  Good food and lots of laughs.  Depending on the weather, the kids will be swimming in the pool.  Although I'm sure the weather won't hinder the swimming.  It never has.  In fact, it could be raining and hailing and snowing and I'm sure they would still go in!!!  Crazy little toads!  Well the boys (my nephews) are both well over 6 foot.

The following week is my yearly weekend with the girls.  The girls are a group of friends and myself that rent a beautiful cottage for the weekend and spend time relaxing, eating, drinking and generally just enjoying each others company away from the stresses of family, jobs, and life in general!

We are there from Friday to Monday, and I am on holidays for the week following.  Heaven!!

The weekend after the cottage, is my Family Reunion/Golf Tournament.  
This is a yearly event, that changes locations depending on who is hosting it.

This year it will be at one of my cousins homes.  Her and her husband have a beautiful home on Lake Huron, about 4 hours away from my home.  We will be golfing and swimming, visiting with family we haven't seen since the year before.  Oh and the food!  Well let me just tell you that the pot luck table is overflowing!  There will be hamburgers and hotdogs, every possible kind of salad you could think of.  Someone always comes with something new!  Desserts of every kind!  Fruits and cheeses and pickle trays galore!  

There will be prizes for the golfers including the "Plaid Jacket" for the best golfer and the "Green Jacket" for the worst.  All in good spirit of course!

There will be tickets sold for the silent auction, the money from which goes to the family hosting next years event.  It is always a good time!

I am really excited about my upcoming weekends and holidays.  Although by the sounds of it I may need an extra week just to recover!!

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