Friday, June 29, 2012

labs, graduation, and potty head

yesterday was an interesting day.  

first thing was a date with the lab.  i visit my Nephrologist in 2 weeks so had to have blood work done.  interestingly enough, his office has just opened up their own lab, so i no longer have to go to the clinic lab, sit with about 100 other people and wait forever.  pick a number, sit down, they call your number, you take up your requisition, you sit back down.  you wait, and wait and wait, they call your name, you sit in a cubicle. you wait some more.  finally someone comes in to take your blood.  good thing they aren't checking my blood pressure 'cause i'm sure it would be through the roof!

at the new lab, i arrived at 8:00am.  there was one person there ahead of me, and one lady followed me in.  i gave the receptionist my lab req and she handed me a little bottle.  off i went to offer my contribution. LOL
when i came back they took me right away.  only one person taking blood, no line up, no numbers, NO WAITING!!!!  in and out in less than 10 minutes!

i wish all labs worked this way!

then it was off to school.  it was my grandson's last day of Senior Kindergarten. he was graduating!  he barely said goodbye.  a big change from his first day of Kindergarten when he stood by my side, attached, barely moving.  it made my heart sing (and cry a little too) to know that he doesn't "need" me anymore!  he's a "big boy now Nan!".

Cam and Aubs dancing at his Graduation

the rest of the day was fairly normal.  BG's were behaving themselves.  my granddaughter was her usual little chatterbox self.  she can make me laugh so hard somedays. 

i had to run out to pick up some diapers.  i left Auntie in charge.  Aubs has been "practicing" on the potty for a couple weeks now.   she has no interest in actually using it, but it makes for a great place to put her "baby".  

when i pulled in the driveway, i could hear her crying and figured she had either fallen down, or wasn't getting her way.  never in all my years as a gramma (6), or all my years spent doing daycare for other peoples children, have i seen anything like it!  i wish i had a picture!  

below is a picture of the potty.  you can see that it is a 3-parter.  well you see the middle part?  yes?  that was stuck over her head!!  she was wearing it upside-down, like a collar!  and screaming blue murder!  
she kept trying to pull it off but her ears were in the way!(and she has little ears!)  and she wouldn't let her auntie near her!  it was the funniest thing i've ever seen!!  i wish we had videotaped it for America's Funniest Videos! (call me mean but seriously it was just too funny!)

after picking her up and sitting her on the kitchen table, getting her to calm down a little by offering her candy (hey don't judge haha!) i simply lifted the right side over her ear and then the left.  off came the potty no problem.  

she then, very seriously, looks at me and says "thank you Nan, you saved me"

i love her to death!

sleeping beauty


  1. Soooooo funny! Bless their hearts, grandchildren are the best. I'm glad you have a better option for the lab. Waiting is one of my worst things.

  2. Ah, a grandma's love... nothing else like it!