Wednesday, June 20, 2012

**BEEP BEEP Occlusion Detected**

Oh my, this has been a busy couple weeks.  I feel as though I haven't been on here AT ALL.  I have tons of reading to catch up on.  Between grandkids during the day, work at night, planning for family on Father's Day and helping with a video for my mom's Surprise 70th Birthday Party this weekend, I am about done.

Today I woke up knowing that it would be a site change kinda morning.  I took out the old one and enjoyed a "free shower" day.

About 3 weeks ago I wrote about trying out some new insertion sets.  Well I have tried the Cleo 90 and the Rapid D.  Both have 6mm cannula's, the Cleo is Teflon and the Rapid D is steel.  Both work really well.  My blood sugars have been running fairly consistently in the 6's during the day.  Still have a little trouble with fasting highs so will be doing a basal test after the Birthday Party.

Today I decided to use the last of the Cleo 90's that i received.
I'm still using my tummy for sites (trying to work up the courage to try legs or butt or back/butt) but am branching out more towards the sides.  I chose my site and plunged in!   All went smoothly.  It didn't hurt at all.  I bolused for breakfast and went about my morning.

The grandkids and I decided to enjoy the backyard.  Cameron jumped in the pool with his aunt.  Aubrey and I scooped out the bugs, watered some flowers, and sat on the side of the pool splashing our feet.  I dipped her in a few times and then she too went in with her aunt.

Noon rolled around and the kids decided they were hungry.  Today was too hot to cook indoors (no air conditioning), and even too hot to stand at the BBQ, so we decided that peanut butter sandwiches and some melon would be a good lunch.

I made the kids their sandwiches, and set them up at the table.  I proceeded to do a BG test and bolus for my sandwich.  I use the Animas Ping so bolusing from my meter is the norm.  As i was entering the carb info on the meter,  the phone rang.  My daughter answered it and I continued to bolus.

 **BEEP BEEP ~ Occlusion Detected No Delivery**

Well that was a new one.  I haven't seen this since I was testing the Medtronic VEO, using a teflon infusion set way back in 2011.  So I unplugged myself, primed the tubing again.  That went fine.  I checked the pump history to see how much insulin was delivered before the delivery failed.  1.6units of the 3.6 required for lunch with correction.

I proceeded to do a NORMAL bolus for the 2 units that weren't delivered.  They went in fine.

I will keep an extra eye on my BG this afternoon.  I work 6-10 tonight, so i should probably pack a little care package with a new set just in case. 

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  1. Ugh, what a drag those are. I'm glad to see everything seemed to work fine after though . . . . and I hope it stays fine at work tonight too!!