Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the tale of the unhappy painter

yesterday's post was about the art classes i was supposed to be starting tonight.  1 really am excited to be starting this.  it is something i have thought about doing, but never really thought i would do. 

i have reached an age where i have decided that i CAN do things for me.  i have raised 3 kids.  they are fairly normal adults (hahaha!), and now i look after my 2 grandchildren during the weekdays and work most nights and weekends at the grocery store.  i still cook, and clean and shop and do the laundry for the 3 of us still living here (myself, my husband, and my youngest daughter, who's 22).  so i believe after years of looking after others, it is time i do something for myself.

i received a call this morning to advise that tonights class has been cancelled due to "inclement weather".  needless to say, i am very disappointed.  i was soooo looking forward to tonight.  i sit here looking out my dining room window.  the roads are clear of snow.  the sun is shining.  it's cold but there is no sign of a storm brewing or anything "inclement". 

i understand the teacher lives out in the country, and i get that where she lives, the weather can turn quickly bad.  but i am fairly certain that the freezing rain they were calling for has passed us by.  it was incredibly windy last night,  blowing in the lattice on my back porch.  but even the wind has calmed down.
this lattice...

used to go in here

now i have to wait until next wednesday for the artist hiding inside to make an appearance.  perhaps i'll just break out the paper and a pencil and start drawing some Charlie Brown for old-time sake.

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