Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fish 'n Chip Fiasco

for the past couple days, just about everyone in my family has been feeling the effects of some sort of stomach bug.  nothing too serious, just well you know.  it seemed to start with my grandson.  said his tummy hurt, and his bones "feel broken" (he's 5, i'm guessing he meant they ached).  then my daughter (his mom) came down with a bug that kept her home from work and close to the bathroom for a few days.  because i look after the kidlets during the day while she and her husband work, i knew it was just a matter of time before my own house would be feeling it.  my daughter that lives at home, was next.  then my husband.  and last but not least, me.  last week i wrote about getting the flu shot.  not sure if what i had was the "real" flu, or just some weird stomach thing.  no nausea, no fever, no coughing or aching.  just, well you know.

so last night, i finally was feeling well, relatively speaking.  i was in the mood to eat for the first time in a couple days.  there is this great little Fish 'n Chip shop here that we really enjoy.  i was going to pick my daughter up from work, so decided to pick up dinner.  unless it comes from a box (yuck!), fish and chips are always a crap shoot (excuse the pun) for me.  one drawback to this wonderful dinner is that the restaurant does not have any nutritional info to hand out.  so i broke out the Calorie King book, looked up Long John Silvers, and found that 6ounces of fish and 3ounces of chips equaled 82grams of carbs.  i measured my fish and fries, checked my BG(4.5) and bolused according to Ping(7.25u).   

mmmm.  it was soooo good.  so bolus worthy!  

at a little after 8 i decided to go to the grocery store and pick up a few things.  they were calling for snow and sleet so i decided rather than go out in the morning, i would go then.  my daughter decided to come with me.  i made out a quick (short) list, and off we went.

now normally, i would check my BG's before driving, but i figured with all that yummy fish and chips in my system, i would be good to go. 

we got to the store, and i looked at my list.  bread and english muffins at the top.  to the bakery section i go.  now keep in mind that i work at this grocery store, and could probably find just about anything you ask for in my sleep.  well apparently that was not the case last night.  

i remember putting the bread in my cart.  and that's it.  next thing i remember is my legs are kind of jerking and hopping along and i "come to" in the frozen pizza section.  my daughter was going to look at nail polish and says she saw me skipping along and wondered "what the heck??"  

suddenly she is standing beside me and says "are you okay?" and i say something like " i am freaking out".  having said this i pull out my meter and right there beside the frozen pizzas i test.  2.7  WTF??  HOW.IS.THIS.POSSIBLE??  and i still have almost 2units of IOB!! she looks at me and off she goes to grab orange juice.  and yet i feel perfectly fine.  no more jerking legs, no more feeling of how did i get here.  no numb lips or anything other that a little bit warm.  and pale.  deathly pale.  

i drink the oj and wait.  test=2.9   eat some candy of some kind (says 13pcs=31gr carbs)   wait.....test again 2.7  HELLO?? are you kidding me?  eat more candy, finish oj   wait....test again 3.6  finally!! upwards!!   i decide that by the time i finish my shopping i should be up to 5 and we can head home. 

we get home and i am soooo tired.  i sit down to watch some tv and decide to test.  5.8  okay i'm good with that.  i know that it is going to continue to climb.  i have eaten enough carbs to send me through the roof.  BUT it took me 2 hours to get from 2.7 to 5.8.  and then it only took me and hour and a half to go from 5.8 to 13.6.  

this morning i am met with 17.5    i know what i should have done.  i should have set a temp basal increase and got up through the night to test.  but i was soooo tired, and frankly, i will deal with the high and carry on.  

i really enjoyed my Fish 'n chips though.  worth the glucoaster ride, but i won't be doing it again any time soon.  =)

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