Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Not Wordless Wednesday (i just cant seem to do it!)

this is my new tattoo, and
i love it!
it's taken me almost
2 years to get it.
i believe i actually stole
the saying from a post written
by Kelly over at Diabetesaliciousness.
She may have mentioned it in its
Latin form "Dum Spiro, Spero"

i decided english was the way to
go, for this anyways.

for one, i would have to explain 
what it meant, in english, and
then i'd have to explain what
it means to me. 
this way there's only 1 explanation.


  1. Ooh man! Kim - I can't see the picture (is it just me?). Sounds so cool!

    1. hey scott, not sure why you cant see the it just a blank square? that's weird.
      i put it on facebook too so you could just pop over there and have a look if you want.