Wednesday, April 10, 2013

here's hoping!

i'm excited!!  i've decided to really, seriously, stick to it this time.

stick to what? you may be asking.

well low carb and mostly wheat free eating!

i started last night.  dinner was a low carb shepard's pie.  it was easy peasy and tasted great!  even my husband commented that he really liked it and would definitely eat it again! (there was none left when i got home from work so that speaks for itself!)

basically it was onions, ground beef, peas and carrots with a gravy made from sodium free beef broth and almond flour as thickener.  the topping was cauliflower cooked in a little sodium free chicken broth, mashed with 1/2 and 1/2, some plain greek yogurt and grated cheddar.  put together and baked for about 20 minutes.  YUMMY!!

BG before dinner 5.7.  bolused for 17g of carbs.  BG 2 hours after dinner 4.8.

i didn't snack on my break at work, but i did have a Caesar salad when i got home.  BG was still 4.8 so no bedtime bolus.

my usual night time snack consists of all things "bad" for me.  chips, popcorn, guacamole with tostitos.  even cheese and crackers on occasion.  

fasting BG was 8.0  a little high perhaps.  some basal tweaking may be in order, but we'll wait and see how things go.

for breakfast i had a wheatless breakfast biscuit (recipe comes from the Wheat Belly Cookbook), with a fried egg, slice of ham and cheddar cheese.
the recipes says 9gr of carb with 6gr of fiber.  i bolused for the 9gr of carbs with a BG of 7.8

BG 2 hours afterward 4.3  thinking i should subtract the fiber and bolus for the 3gr of carbs.  will try this again tomorrow morning and see what happens.

i am thinking i'm off to a stellar start!  not sure if the results will remain the same.  i realize it's only been 2 meals.

well i'm off to determine what to make for dinner tonight!  i'll keep you posted on the results of this meal.  

here's hoping these steady #'s keep up!!  

oh and i had my 6mth appt with my opthamologist this morning.  my eyes are doing great.  no changes in vision and no treatments (laser) needed!
thank heavens for small blessings! 



  1. I have been eating mostly low-carb and wheat-free with Paleo (I'm not perfect, but it's what I aim for) and I have had such good results over the last 3 months! If you're looking for more recipes, try my fave Paleo cookbooks: Practical Paleo and Everyday Paleo. :)

  2. Wow, good for you on the new meal plans, and yay for your eyes!!!

  3. Great news on the peepers! And it sounds like you're off to a great start! Go you!