Friday, November 30, 2012

things that annoy me, and on a lighter note....

Most days when it comes to Diabetes, I don't think about it.  Wait, let me explain.  I think about it ALL THE TIME, but I don't really think about it.  It is just something I do.  I guess because I have been diabetic for sooooo long, the things I do are just a part of my every minute, of every hour, of every day, of every week, month and year.  You get that right?

So each morning I get up, test my BG and start my day with coffee.  I like my coffee with sugar (the real stuff) and cream, so I bolus for that.  About an hour later, once the grandkiddies get here, we have breakfast.  I test again and I bolus for that.

This morning, me and my meter were fighting.  Well actually it all started with my lancet.  Or maybe it was my finger.  I'll explain.

I decided that I was going to treat myself to a bagel and an egg with some cheese.  Carbs 41gr

I get out meter, insert test strip, choose my finger, poke hole, squeeze.  NOTHING.  not a drop.  I squeeze again.  a teeny tiny almost invisible speck.
I poke again.  More squeezing, still not enough.  Choose a new finger, poke again, squeeze.  NADA.  Deep breath.  Pick a new finger,  dial up the depth of the poke and press that lancet hard.  Yay!  We have blood!

Onto the strip goes the blood.  Onto the floor goes the meter.  
sorry it's so blurry!
This is what I see.  I know this is normal while waiting for the result but this just went on and on and on!

So take out strip, turn off meter and start over.  Insert new lancet into ONETOUCH Delica device, peruse fingertips for best looking one (read less holes and dots visible), poke AGAIN, hope for blood.  Strike a goldmine! No squeezing necessary! Test!

One reading, FOURTH POKE FTW!  This annoys me but I guess it could have been worse.  It could have been 4th test strip. 

On a lighter note......

Last week's painting
This week's painting

I have decided to clear out my spare bedroom and turn it into my paint room.
I have a few ideas of how this space will look when it is done.   We are hoping to get it done over the Christmas holidays.  A post for another day!

Have a great weekend everyone!  


  1. Beautiful paintings, Kim! How fun to have your own space to paint. I wish I had some talent in that area.

    Sorry for the testing irritation. I hear ya. Sometimes I can't squeeze a drop out of a finger, making me think they are turnips in disguise. lol

  2. Wow! Your paintings are beautiful!