Monday, March 03, 2014

new habits

morning. i crack my eyes open a bit and search around for the sound coming from somewhere under my pillow or perhaps under the blankets.  it's my alarm clock (actually it's my old flip phone which has a wickedly loud alarm setting on it!).  i've disable the snooze so i must get up when it goes off.  no slapping the button and grabbing another 5/10/15 minutes.

the first thing i do is take my thyroid pill.  the pills and a bottle of water are on my night table.  this is a new habit i am trying to establish.  in the past, i just took the pills(there are more than my thyroid meds in the morning) with my coffee and sometimes breakfast.  that is until a few weeks ago when my endo's wonderful nurse/assistant informed me that in order for the thyroid medication to work to its full potential, i should be taking it at the same time each day, with lots of water, on an empty stomach at least 1/2 an hour before any food or dairy products.  hmmmm....perhaps that is why they weren't really working for me?

now after taking it, my next 1/2 hour is spent showering and such, making the bed, sorting out laundry, emptying the dishwasher (or starting it!), whatever needs doing to waste at least that 1/2 hour.     

i go back for more lab work in a couple months so hopefully this new routine will show an improvement in my thyroid levels! (i say this with fingers crossed!)

after my 1/2 hour of doing whatever needs doing,  i welcome the dynamic duo.

coffee is THE most important thing in the morning next to insulin of course! they go together like.......well


before i actually drink the coffee i've started another new habit.  each and every morning, before i test my blood, i insert a new lancet into my device.  i know right?  i am finding that if i keep a weeks worth in my little owl case (this is where meter and test strips live.  cute isn't he?), then its easy to remember to just change it every single morning.  my fingers are very thankful for this new habit!  i am less likely to have to poke myself numerous times to get enough blood.  it's amazing!  

i'm thinking about starting on a few more new habits, but i want to make sure these two are firmly established before i tackle the next few.  i'll let you know how i'm making out!


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